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Quinta do Xisto

Quinta do Xisto, located in Requião (Vila Nova de Famalicão), is where our winery it’s placed and it’s the spot that gives the name to our vinho verde “Encosta do Xisto”. The grapes from another vineyards, that we own in this region, is brought to this estate where we make the vinification to small lots with high quality. So, we can say that our vinho verde born in a hill (Encosta) of the estate Quinta do Xisto, the spot where is located the winery, giving this way the brand name “Encosta do Xisto” to the wine.

Quinta de Cutiães

Quinta de Cutiães, located in Guardizela (Guimarães), is the oldest of our estates in Minho region and its history is prior to the founding of Portugal, dating back to the height of the Roman presence in the Iberian Peninsula (first century). In those times it was a fortified village, where lived representatives of Rome empire. Even today anyone can clearly see evidence of this people when visiting this estate, like the stone wall surronding it and several stones houses with typical architectural features from that time. Owned by tha family of Vasco Faria for the last 3 centuries, the first winery was built here and only a few years ago moved to the Quinta do Xisto.

Quinta de Pereira

Quinta de Pereira, located in Esmeriz (Vila Nova de Famalicão), dates back to 1170 when and it was founded by a noble medieval knight, D.Nuno Gonçalves Pereira but was D.Nun’Alvares Pereira who immortalized this property offering as dowry to the marriage of D. Afonso I (King of Portugal) to his daughter. Centuries after, was acquired in 1975 by Vasco Faria that decide to star dedicate the land of the estate to the production of grapes to produce high quality vinho verde under the brand “Encosta do Xisto”.

Quinta de freixieiro

Quinta de Freixieiro, located in Guardizela (Guimarães), dates back to 1720, when we can find the first records of this estate, when was property of the Conevnto de Santa Clara de Amarante (old convent). In the beginning of the twentieth century was part of the Vasco Faria family through an ancestor who inherit this estate and since then the lands where dedicated to the production of vinho verde for over 1 century until today.


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