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Located in the North of Portugal, Minho region is delineated by the border with Galicia in Spain and by the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of over 1.1 million people, the region is often associated with the greenness of its natural surroundings, where there is plenty of water, a rugged landscape of enormous beauty and biodiversity, a landscape that becomes flatter nearer the valleys of the four rivers that cross the region and in the many beaches of its coastal area. The unique and traditionally man-made landscape is characterised by vineyards and maize fields, villages with granite buildings and manor houses which, along with the hospitality of its people, the rich gastronomy and the vibrant traditions are the other features often associated with the region’s character! The artistic expressions date back to the Romantic, passing through the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Minho is the biggest wine producing region in Portugal. The region’s climate is influenced by the sea breeze that blows from the Atlantic Ocean and this is why the temperatures are mild all year round. The precipitation levels are very high, which results in relatively high humidity levels, thus allowing for light, mildly acidic and delicate sparkling wines to be obtained.

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Encosta do Xisto

Founded by the Honourable Vasco Faria, the company is a family-run business with a strong connection to the winemaking sector since 1975. Currently run by the founder’s grandson, it has 4 properties: 2 in Guimarães (Quinta de Freixieiro e Quinta de Cutiães) and 2 in Famalicão (Quinta de Pereira e Quinta do Xisto) where the “Encosta do Xisto” vinho verde is produced, using solely and exclusively the finest grapes from our very own vineyards. In the properties located in the Minho region, where there are around 45 hectares of vineyards, you can find the best wine grape varieties around this area. They are used to produce the white wines (Loureiro, Alvarinho, Trajadura e Arinto), the rosés (Espadeiro) and the reds (Vinhão), all highly regarded in this region. The grapes are harvested by hand and keeping the wine grape varieties apart allows the wine to be made separately, and later divided into lots according to the resulting wine characteristics. In our property, Quinta do Xisto, in Requião, Vila Nova de Famalicão, there is a wine cellar where all the sparkling and green winemaking takes place, using the latest traditional winemaking methods.

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Our Wines
Meio Xisto Branco (White)
60% Loureiro, 20% Trajadura and 20% Arinto
Encosta do Xisto     White
50% Arinto and 50% Loureiro
Encosta do Xisto Loureiro (White)
100% Loureiro
Encosta do Xisto Espadeiro (Rosé)
100% Espadeiro
Encosta do Xisto Alvarinho (White)
100% Alvarinho


Vasco Faria S.A. (Encosta do Xisto),
Travessa da Prelada, 613
4250-380 Porto - Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 228 341 000
(Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Fax: (+351) 228 324 227


Quinta do Xisto,
Rua Padre Antonio do Xisto 746
4770-427 Requião – Vila Nova de Famalicão

Tel.: (+351) 252 374 347
(Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Fax: (+351) 228 324 227


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